Documentation sample

Our API is available for testing!

The first version with basic functionality is available. There are multiple ways to experience our API:

Demo environment API

A full-featured demonstration API that serves both a web-frontend (using gRPC-Web) and gRPC. This allows you to get the full platform experience and trade against other testers. Create a user account and obtain a JWT as API key for the account to get started.

Endpoint: port 443 TLS-enabled

Mock API

A stateless service, providing random (bogus) data, but it does perform server-side input validation. It may also introduce errors on certain input conditions. Please refer to the mockgrpc Error-testing README which conditions trigger errors.

Endpoint: port 443 TLS-enabled

Local mock API

It offers the same functionality as the Mock API but then locally on your machine, useful when you are developing and do not have any internet connection available.

If you are interested please sign up, we would love your feedback!