Cryptocurrency exchange API gateway

Our APIs provide a convenient way for traders to integrate with your cryptocurrency exchange. They are designed and built with the trader in mind.

We experienced the issues first hand

Over the past few years, we have implemented many APIs and experienced a variety of issues. Although the situation has improved, most of the cryptocurrency exchanges still don’t offer the functionality and convenience you would expect.

We make sure traders have the best experience

Feature complete

Exposing all data sources and functionality a trader would require.

Request and streaming

Offering all APIs both request and streaming based for different use cases and software design.

Backwards compatible

Ensuring backwards compatibility to prevent incompatibility and disruption.

Structured error messages

Structuring error messages to make them easy to parse and handle them accordingly.

Docs generated from code

Generating documentation from code to ensure complete and consistent with the actual rolled out API.

Code samples

Providing code samples for the most used programming languages.

Service Mocks

Mocked services are provided so you can test your implementation without having to connect to our API.

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