White label Matching Engine

White-label and high-throughput matching engine designed and built to process your cryptocurrency exchange orders reliably 24/7.

If you are looking to replace your current matching engine we got just what you need. Our matching engine will help you serve more customers, prevent downtime during peak hours and will increase the trust in your platform. It is build by traders for traders, leverages the latest techniques and programming languages (Rust), is fully verifiable and able to processes 300.000 orders per second.

Dynamic market configuration

Configure market states open/hidden/maintenance, amount/price precision, price boundaries and order size requirements. All without downtime.

Full reserve

Cryptocurrency exchanges operate 247 and cannot settle at the end of the day. Our engine settles immediately and prevents users from exceeding their balance.

High quality and performance

We use programming languages such as Rust to get the best performance and protection from common coding errors to provide a highly reliable system.

Rounding error protection

Rounding errors introduce errors in the accounting of your platform making it less reliable, we use fixed point arithmetic to prevent this.

Standard order types and options

Serve your customers with their required order types. Market/limit orders Good till Canceled (GTC), Fill or Kill (FOK), post only, time to live (TTL). See Create order.

Customizable Fee schedules

Create and assign custom maker/taker fee plans per market/user group for promotional, referral or other purposes.

Self-trading prevention

Prevent price manipulation and wash trading by preventing users from trading against themselves and any other accounts they own.

No strict bound on markets/trading pairs

Our engine can supports thousands of trading pairs simultaneously at no extra cost.

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