Who are we?

Tulip Solutions was founded by developers and algorithmic traders who have been actively trading in the cryptocurrency space since 2013.

Tulip Solutions was founded by developers and traders that dealt with the challenges of current trading platforms. They believe cryptocurrencies, and especially Bitcoin, will not only be here to stay but will become a large part of the financial market. However, they realized the surrounding trading infrastructure is not yet on par with what we are used to in the financial sector. So, as a first step, they set out to help trading platforms improve their platforms by redesigning and rebuilding their infrastructure.

More than five years algorithmic trading experience

We've actively traded for the last 5 years on the majority of cryptocurrency exchanges.

Interested in solving technical problems

With more than 10 years of experience, we are interested and devoted to resolve the challenges of your trading infrastructure.

More than 10 years linux sysadmin experience

We have been administrating Linux systems for over 10 years.

More than five years of IT security experience

We are IT security professionals with over five years of experience in high assurance environments.